Employee Permits

Faculty and staff working on campus regularly—whether full-time, part-time or for temporary employment—are welcome to purchase a permit to park on campus.

Note: Employee permits are available to employees who are not enrolled in classes at MU. Students who also work on campus should refer to the Undergraduate Student Permits or Graduate/Professional Student Permits webpage.

Permit Location

Assigned permit locations are based on availability and the location(s) where the individual completes their work. Please note that parking permissions for a parking structure does not guarantee all parking spots available will be covered spots (availability may be such that some spots are uncovered).

Changing Permit Location

When changing positions, departments or buildings, faculty and staff can request their current permit permissions be reassigned to fit their new location on campus.

Contact Parking and Transportation with details of your situation to initiate the permit reassignment process.

Purchasing a Permit

See the permit rates webpage for pricing information. For questions, consult the Parking FAQs and, if needed, email muparking@missouri.edu.

Long-Term Parking

Faculty and staff who do not yet have an active parking permit may initiate their permit purchase by completing the employee permit application. Parking and Transportation staff will contact applicants with location information. Some locations are subject to Game Day Parking provisions.

Permits renew annually and are paid for via payroll deduction for the prior pay period (i.e., not paid ahead). See the permit rates webpage for pricing information.

Additional Permissions

Employees whose duties require specific and continuing needs to complete work at multiple, widely-separated locations on campus may apply for additional parking permissions for an additional cost. Additional permissions are assigned on a space-available basis.

Occasional Short-Term Permissions

Faculty and staff with an active employee permit may request a short-term permission for work-related occasions where they need to park far away from their primary permission location (e.g., department workshop, meeting, etc.).

To request short-term permissions, contact Parking and Transportation with details of your situation (event date and details; permit information) for further instructions on where to park.

Temporary Campus Permissions

MU Health Care employees and employees who are not paid by the university can purchase a temporary permission to park on campus via the parking portal.

Retiree Parking

Retirees who wish to continue parking on campus may purchase a parking permit. The rate may be reduced based on their current appointment:

  • Zero to .5 FTE: Permit rate is reduced (see “other permit types” on the Rates webpage for pricing information) and may be paid via cash, check or credit/debit card.
  • .5 FTE or greater: Permit is available at the same rate as employee permits (see Rates webpage for pricing information) and is payable via payroll deduction.

Permits may be purchased in-office or by contacting Parking and Transportation.

Cancelling a Permit

Permits are not automatically cancelled if a faculty or staff member’s work status changes (e.g., begins remote work, on sabbatical, leaving employment, etc.). As a reminder, permits paid via payroll deduction are for the prior pay period (i.e., not paid ahead).

To cancel a permit, fill out the Employee Permit Cancellation Form.

Parking Notifications

Employees will receive emails to their university email address with updates and notifications related to their parking permit, such as relocating to alternate parking when game day parking provisions are in effect or related to construction or events in the area that may impact parking availability.

Permit renewals

Employees with an active parking permit will receive an annual notification to their university email address prior to the automatic renewal of their permit. Renewals may be subject to rate changes; see the permit rates webpage for pricing information.

Traffic Citations

Employees who park in a prohibited location will receive a traffic citation. For information on resolving or appealing citations, visit the Citiations and Fees webpage.