Employee Permit

Employee Note: Employees who are assigned in a parking structure are not promised covered parking. Employees who are placed in a structure are promised a place in the structure, spaces available may not be covered.

Complaints about uncovered employee structure parking will be referred to this note.

New Employee

If you are a new benefit-eligible, part-time or temporary employee who is not enrolled in classes at MU, you may purchase a staff parking permission by selecting the button below to complete and submit an application for employee parking.

Employee Permit Application

Complete and submit the Additional Parking Permissions form to request multiple locations permission. Additional parking permissions may be obtained on a space-available basis for personnel with a specific and continuing need of parking in widely separated areas on campus.

If the need is only occasional or is of short duration, please call the office at 573-882-4568 for permission to park.

Application for additional parking permissions

All employees who purchase a permit will receive emails regarding employee parking during football and basket home games. That information can also be found on the Employee Game Day Parking page.

Current Employee

If you are changing departments and already have a permit, please contact Parking & Transportation by email at muparking@missouri.edu to update your information and be assigned to a new parking structure or lot if necessary. If you don’t currently have a permit, please fill out the Employee permit application above.

Non-University Employees

Employees who are working on the MU campus (including MU Healthcare) but are not paid by the University can purchase a temporary virtual permission online through your parking account.

Access the parking portal


MU retirees who wish to continue to park on campus may purchase a Retiree Parking Permission as follows:

  • If you no longer work at MU or have an appointment that is less than 50 percent, the parking permission rate is reduced and may be paid by cash, check or credit/debit card.
  • If your appointment 50 percent or greater, the cost is the same as the current parking structure rate and can be payroll deducted.

You may contact the Parking & Transportation Services office at 573-882-4568, muparking@missouri.edu, or visit our office at 121 General Services Building (900 E. Stadium Blvd) to purchase the parking permission.

Student Employees

Student employees in need of parking on University property should refer to Student Permit information.