Received a Citation?

Visit the Citation and Fees webpage to learn more about options for paying the citation, including our “donations for citations” program, as well as the appeals process.

Visiting for a Home Game or Event?

Visit our Events page for parking and event details.

Safe Walk Officers

Feel unsafe walking to a location on campus? Call 573-882-7201 to request a security officer or campus safety officer from the University Police Department to accompany you to an on-campus location. Please note these officers are on foot and cannot provide rides to your destination.

Parking Acronyms

Acronym Definition
PS Parking Structure
TF Top Floor
TAPS Tiger Avenue Parking Structure
VAPS Virginia Avenue Parking Structure
HSPS Hitt Street Parking Structure
TAG Turner Avenue Parking Structure
UAPS University Avenue Parking Structure
PS7 Parking Structure 7
WG1 Hospital/Tiger Avenue
SG4 Hearnes Center
SG5 South Side Mizzou Arena
CG1 Virginia/Hospital