Inclement Weather Parking

To ensure the safety of our campus community, some parking options may shift during inclement weather such as snow or ice.

Parking Structure Top Floor Closures

When conditions are hazardous, the top floor of parking structures will be temporarily closed until conditions improve.


Individuals parking in the structure can check signage at the entrance of the structure to see if a closure is currently in effect. The signs are orange and read “top floor closed.”

Close up view of signage posted outside a parking structure, including an orange diamond sign reading

Alternative Parking

When a top floor closure is in effect, permit holders may park one level lower than their assigned permission for the rest of the day without receiving a citation. Alternate parking permissions are in effect for the full day, even if conditions improve and the top floor reopens mid-day.

Please note, ramp levels correspond to the lower floor to which they are attached (e.g., the ramp connecting levels 3-4 has floor level 3 permissions). That is, when entering a parking structure, you must reach the flat portion of the floor before the floor level increases.

Location Full

If your permitted parking location is full, call the Parking and Transportation office to receive assistance in finding an available location.

Roadside Assistance

If you become stranded or need roadside assistance on campus, assess the urgency of your situation and either contact your usual roadside assistance service, call MU Police Department at (573) 882-7201 or call 911.

Safety Tips

  • Be careful walking to and from your vehicle. The university will maintain walkways and aisles but cannot remove snow and ice between vehicles.
  • Check for a Tiger Line shuttle. See the Getting Around webpage or download the GoCOMO app to see when a shuttle will be nearby to minimize time out in the cold.
  • Monitor road conditions. Check the Missouri Department of Transportation Traveler Map for road conditions on main routes in Columbia, @KOMUnews for weather updates and MU Alert for campus updates.
  • Be patient with other drivers and pedestrians. Weather can affect visibility and ease of getting around, whether on-foot or in a vehicle. Take caution so you and those around you reach destinations safely.
  • Take precautionary measures. Keep water, snacks, blankets, battery packs and hand warmers in your vehicle and keep your gas tank at least half full in case your vehicle gets stuck.