Snow and Ice Action Plan

Below is our official plan of action for when there is snow and ice from now through April 1, 2022. Follow us on Twitter @MizzouParking for updates or check the Twitter feed hosted on this website.

If there is snow or ice on campus that has been deemed unsafe by Campus Facilities:

  1. Top floor signs are down: Orange sign on the outside of the parking structure indicates if the top level is closed.
    1. Check the orange signs at the entrance:The orange top-level closed signs are the fastest way for us to get the information out. We will tweet about it, but probably not at 6 a.m. and we don’t send emails.
  2. Winter weather, park one level down: If top floors are closed, you can park one level down in the structure you are assigned to without getting a citation.
    1. Ramps belong to the level below: In all structures, the up and down ramps are assigned to the level below. You must be on the flat before you are on the next level.
    2. Can’t find a space in your assigned parking structure during top floor closures, call 573-882-4568 to receive help finding a space, check our Twitter account (@MizzouParking), or our website to see if we’ve announced that your location is officially full.
    3. If your location is full, we will communicate alternative parking locations on our Twitter account and website.
  3. It’s noon and we’ve re-opened the top floor: Don’t stress about moving your car early. If a half day opening happens, leave your vehicle on the lower level. Move your car to it’s assigned level before 7 a.m. the next day.
  4. Check our twitter account: This is where you’ll find out if Tiger Line isn’t running or scheduling changes due to weather.
  5. Be careful walking to and from your car: It’s impossible for us to shovel between vehicles. Watch for ice and snow.
  6. Tiger Line shuttles are running normal routes: If you download the app, you can sit in your warm car and watch in real time to know when the shuttle is getting close.
  7. General winter tips:
    1. Bundle up as much as possible to avoid frostbite
    2. Be aware and patient of drivers/pedestrians
    3. Let you car run for a few minutes before driving to reduce strain on the engine in extreme cold
    4. Check @KOMUnews for weather-check 
    5. @MoDOT_Central for road conditions
  8. ??????? in a ???????? w?????:
    1. Check @MoDOT to confirm roads are safe to drive
    2. Keep extra water, snacks, blankets, external phone battery and hand warmers in your car
    3. Always keep your tank half full in case you become stuck  need to run your lights/heat
  9. If you become stranded or need roadside assistance on campus, assess the urgency of your situation and contact either roadside assistance, MUPD 573-882-7201 or 911.