Employee Regulation


Employee Note: Employees who are assigned in a parking structure are not promised covered parking. Employees who are placed in a structure are promised a place in the structure, spaces available may not be covered.

Complaints about uncovered employee structure parking will be referred to this note.

Traffic and Parking

The University of Missouri employs the use of License Plate Recognition (LPR) as the means to manage parking permissions and enforce parking regulations on campus.

Parking permissions are issued virtually and are based on the license plate number. No decals or hang-tags are used to park on campus.

Citations are issued and delivered through email. No paper ticket or envelope will be placed on the vehicle. A citation notice may be placed on the driver’s side window of a vehicle when the vehicle has reached two violations that have not been paid or there is no connection to the vehicle and/or driver in the parking management system.

Virtual Permits

  • Vehicles must be parked so that the license plate is visible from the driving aisle.
  • The license plate must be securely fastened to the exterior side of the vehicle facing the driving aisle in a horizontal, upright position of not less than 12 inches from the ground. (Some Motorcycles use vertical plates)
  • Removable tow hitches must be removed and stored when not in use.
  • No covers may be placed over the license plate that would inhibit the reflectiveness of the plate.
  • The alphanumeric characters of the license plate must be visible and not obstructed by license plate frames, accessories or other items (e.g. paper, tape, etc.).
  • Persons must ensure their current vehicle is registered and associated with their parking account. This may be done through the Tiger Park Portal or at the office of Parking & Transportation Services.
  • Employees who hold reserved space or reserved area registration permissions may register up to three vehicles on their account. Accounts with multiple vehicles do not allow more than one motor vehicle to be on campus during the reserved period. Students are allowed to have only one vehicle on their account at any given time. However, they may update their plate as often as necessary.
  • Ramps belong to the level below and include the entire drive lane/aisle that connects one level to another. The direction of the flow of traffic will not affect the level designation. The ramp ends when you turn the corner at the top or bottom of the ramp.

Faculty and Staff Parking

  • Transferring a parking permission to another person for which a parking permission was not issued, or giving any false information in the purchasing of a parking permission or at any hearing is a violation of these regulations. This is to include altering a license plate by covering all or part of the letters and/or numbers in the plate sequence as the license plate serves as the means to obtain permission to park.
  • All parking lots/structures for staff are restricted to holders of paid parking permissions during the restricted hours for each lot/structure. No other person may hold a parking permission for these locations except as authorized by the Committee with the approval of the Chancellor.
  • All staff who elect to use MU parking lots/structures are required to obtain a parking permission.
  • All staff to whom permissions have been issued shall pay for MU campus parking at the established monthly rate in advance or through payroll withholding.
  • All employee and faculty-staff parking permissions are issued by special request or through automatic renewal through Parking and Transportation Services on an annual basis, unless otherwise requested and specified. Renewals shall become effective September 1 of the year for which such permission is issued and shall expire on August 31 of the following year. Payroll withholding shall be continued until such time that the permission holder notifies Parking and Transportation Services to cancel their parking permission, or the permission holder is no longer an employee of MU.
  • All employee and faculty/staff parking permissions are restricted to designated parking lots/structures during the restricted hours specified for each individual parking lot/structure.
  • All federal employees, state employees, and/or other University employees who are members of the staff but not on the University payroll, and who elect to use the MU campus parking lots/structures, shall pay in advance for a parking permission at the established monthly rate.
  • Health/Accessible parking permissions shall be available to staff on an individual need basis. Parking and Transportation Services has the authority to require medical opinion of degree of the condition before issuing the special assignment.
  • Additional Parking Permissions – A permission to park in a second restricted parking lot/structure may be issued, provided that parking space is available. Such permissions may be issued when a staff member requests to Parking and Transportation Services and shows clearly in writing that such permission will be of direct service to the University. Each request must be approved by the applicant’s department chairperson or supervisor and Parking and Transportation Services in order to be effective.
  • As a condition of issuance, retention, and continued use of staff parking permissions, all applicants for permissions shall at all times meet the regulations of the Committee and the laws of the State of Missouri that pertain to the operation of motor vehicles.
  • Faculty and staff are required to register their motor vehicle(s) on or before the date they commence operating a motor vehicle on campus. Faculty and staff may register up to three vehicles under a single account; however, only one vehicle may be on campus at a time or risk one of the vehicles receiving a citation.
  • Upon termination of employment with the University, an employee’s parking privileges will be revoked.
  • If a citation is issued, the recipient will have ten business days to take action on the citation, or it can be deducted from payroll.

Retired Staff

Parking and Transportation Services shall issue parking permissions to retired faculty/staff persons who request, provided that:

  1. parking space is available in the area for which a request is made,
  2. the applicant meets all other requirements of these regulations, and
  3. retired employee parking will be at a rate set annually by the Committee, subject to approval by the Chancellor.


The use of driveways, fire lanes and motor traffic entrances, and exits is restricted to moving traffic only.​

These areas and all areas in MU parking lots/structures that are not clearly designated as parking spaces shall not be used for parking or temporary placement of motor vehicles.

Traffic Regulations

Missouri State Laws

All persons operating motor vehicles, bicycles, skateboards or skates on or within the MU campus area shall observe and obey all applicable Missouri laws and the rules and regulations of MU.

Speed Limits

No person shall drive a motor vehicle on the property of the MU campus at a speed greater than the posted speed limit. A maximum of 20 mph shall be the legal speed limit on MU property unless otherwise posted.

Traffic Control Signs and Devices

All persons including pedestrians, drivers of motor vehicles, bicycle riders, skaters and skateboarders shall obey all traffic control signs, markers, and/or other traffic control signals and devices on the MU campus.

Report of Accident

All persons are required by Missouri law to make reports of accidents involving motor vehicles. Accidents that occur on the MU campus shall be reported to the MU Police Department.

Citations and Fees

Information about citations, including rates and instructions on how to pay or appeal, is available on the Citation and Fees webpage.