Schedule Event Parking

Important Note

  1. All coordinators please be aware that whatever number of people you schedule spaces for, that will be the total number of people that you will be billed for, regardless of the number of people who attend the event.
  2. After scheduling an event, the coordinator has five business days to cancel the event.
  3.  If the event is not cancelled within five business days of the scheduled/requested date, there will be no refund available, regardless of cancellations.

Event parking may be arranged through Parking and Transportation Services by on-campus or off-campus sponsors. Please fill out the form or call 573-882-4568 for any questions about your event.​


Event Invitation

This will be emailed to the contact person for the event. If any changes need to be made, just notify the Parking and Transportation Office.

If the invitation is approved, then the contact person may send it out to all the participants for the event.

The participants will register their own vehicle for the event.

Event Registration: Customer Paid

The event invitation will look slightly different if the attendee will be paying for their own parking.

No physical hang tag or receipt is required for the event.

Event Registration Confirmation: Department Paid

If an individual needs proof of purchase, they will be able to print out the confirmation screen using “CTRL” and “P.”

They will also be able to do a screenshot and cut and paste if needed.

No physical hangtag or receipt is required for the event.