• View the corresponding permit page for regulations, parking enforcement hours and details. New parking rates go into effect Sept. 1, 2021.
  • The Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee unanimously approved charging $5 to customers whose appeals are denied effective Sept. 1, 2021.  Learn more
  • The increase and appeal fee was approved by the Parking and Transportation Services committee, whose membership includes faculty, staff and students.


Fall/Spring Permits

These permits are active during the Fall/Spring semesters of 2021-22. Buy a permit

Structure cost $180

Structure top floor cost $154

lot cost $154
Motorcycle cost $120

Summer Permits

These permits are active during the For summer of 2021, active permits are required for structures and surface lots The 2021 costs are $63 and $54, respectively. The Tiger Line Shuttle service is not available during the summer permit assignment period. Buy a summer 2021 permit

Updated prices for summer 2022 are as follows:

updated costs for summer 2022 for surface lots

updated costs for summer 2022 for structures


Review the Visitors page for visitor requirements. Buy a visitor’s permit


Visitor's day pass $7 per day

Visitor's meters $1.25 per hour




Citation Rates

Violation Name Fine
1 Parking at yellow curb $25.00
3 Parking in pedestrian walkway $50.00
4 Parking over/beyond curb $25.00
5 Non-designated parking area $25.00
6 Loading zone violation $25.00
7 No permission $25.00
8 Permission does not apply $25.00
9 Parking in drive/entrance/exit $50.00
10 Parking in reserved space $25.00
11 Occupying more than one space $25.00
12 Overtime parking $10.00
13 Alter/obscure/transfer permission $150.00
14 Accessible parking violation $300.00
15 Parking in fire lane $100.00
24 Scooter impound $100.00

Excessive Violation Fines

After three paid or unpaid violations, an excessive violation fee of $25 will be charged in addition to any following citations.

After the seventh violation, the fee will increase to an additional $75 per violation.

Moving Violation

Moving violations are issued by MU Police officers. Drivers can pay for moving violations in their NuPark account, but please direct questions regarding citations to MU Police at 573-882-7201. MU Police are authorized to issue University of Missouri tickets, City of Columbia tickets, and the State of Missouri tickets, it is the duty of the recipient to determine which entity issued the ticket and resolve it.