Parking rates vary year-to-year based on location and permit type. For additional details on fees, permits and other topics, consult the parking FAQs or the parking fee presentation (PDF).

Student Permits

Undergraduate (ResLife, commuter and overnight) permits and graduate/professional student permits follow the same rate structure. Permits are valid on a semester basis. Purchasing information is available on the undergraduate student permits and graduate student permit webpages.


Fall permits are valid from August 1 through December 31; spring permits are valid from January 1 through May 31.

  • Parking lot/top floor garage:
    • Fall 2024: $120
  • Garage/structure (below top floor):
    • Fall 2024: $140

For motorcycle permit information, please email muparking@missouri.edu. To learn more about how permit rates are calculated, please see the parking fee presentation (PDF).


Summer permits are effective from June 1 through July 31. Please note that the Tiger Line shuttle service is not active during the summer semester.

  • Parking lot:
    • Summer 2024: $43.50
  • Structure:
    • Summer 2024: $51.00

Visitor Permits

Visitors to campus may park in metered parking or purchase a one-day pass for a parking lot or structure/garage. Requirements, locations and purchasing information is available on the visitor permit webpage.

  • Metered parking: $1.25/hour
  • Parking lot: $8/day
  • Garage/structure: $10/day

Employee Permits

For faculty and staff, permit rates vary depending on year (changing January 1), location and salary range. Revenue from permit sales helps pay for deferred maintenance of parking structures and lots. For purchasing information, visit the employee permit webpage.

Check the charts below to determine monthly rates for parking lots and parking structures. Staff who are paid hourly can determine their annual salary by multiplying their hourly rate by 2080 hours worked per year (for example: $12 x 2080 = $24,960).

Monthly Rate for Parking Lots

Salary Range202220232024
More than $100,000$29.25$40.50$51.75

Monthly Rate for Parking Structures

Salary Range202220232024
More than $100,000$34$47$60

Other Permit Types

Those who provide goods and services to the university, or share in another type of business relationship, may purchase a vendor/services permit. Visit the vendor/services permit webpage for rates and purchasing instructions.

For other types of permits, such as visiting scholar, reserved spaces and rental patrons, check out the full parking rate presentation (PDF) for pricing information.

Citations and Traffic Violations

Citations may be issued when a driver or vehicle violates university traffic regulations. Those receiving a citation may choose to pay the citation or to appeal the notice. The fee associated with a citation varies depending on the type of traffic violation. Learn more on the citation and fees webpage.