MU Vehicle Regulation

Official MU Vehicle Parking

  1. The University shall provide parking and/or storage facilities for all vehicles owned, operated and/or administered by MU, and/or for any agency administratively responsible to the University, provided that these official vehicles are not specifically assigned to a staff member (or department) for his/her (its) exclusive daily use. Parking and Transportation Services will be reimbursed for the direct cost of providing this service.
  2. Drivers of official vehicles are subject to all Traffic and Parking Regulations. The vehicles are not exempt from parking permission requirements.
  3. The Committee may designate official vehicle parking and/or storage areas and may limit and control the use of all official vehicle parking spaces within restricted parking areas for students, staff, or any other area in order that the safety and security of these vehicles may be achieved and to establish priorities that will ensure the best use of all parking lots/structures on the MU campus.

Golf Cart Vehicles

All golf cart vehicles, including gators or other similar utility vehicles, leased or owned by the University of Missouri shall be registered with Parking & Transportation.

This policy also applies to golf cart vehicles rented for use at special events. In addition to being registered, each golf cart vehicle must display clear identification of the department that is operating the vehicle on the outside of the vehicle. Failure to register and identify a golf cart vehicle may result in violators being ticketed by MU Police or Parking and Transportation Services.

All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. Golf cart vehicles may not be operated on roadways unless they meet all of the requirements of the National Highway Safety &Traffic Administration (NHSTA) for being street legal. This policy does not apply to golf carts operating on A.L.Gustin Golf Course (unless a cart leaves the confines of the course) or University Farms.

No privately-owned golf cart vehicles may be operated on University of Missouri property without the written approval of Administrative Services.