Office of Parking & Transportation Services


The Office of Parking & Transportation Services performs a variety of functions for the MU campus and community. Those include maintaining parking lots and structures, providing the Tiger Line campus shuttle service and making parking assignments for MU students and employees. Funding for these services is provided entirely from fees collected from the users of the system and a portion of each student's activity fee.

We are located in Level 2 of the Turner Avenue Garage and can be reached at or 573-882-4568.

Student Parking

We’ve lowered our prices on the top floor parking spaces to surface lot prices in order to save you a little bit of cash, but if you still want an interior space you can choose that level when you login to the Tiger Park portal.

If you do not see an option for a covered garage space when you login to the Tiger Park portal, it is because those spaces have already been sold.

View parking permission purchase dates to find out when you are eligible to purchase a parking permit.

Visit our Student Parking Information page for more information, including answers to frequently asked questions.

MU Student Parking video