Residents of the State of Missouri will be issued new license plates. The new license plates sent to vehicle owners will have different license plate numbers, meaning that our license plate recognition system will not recognize them.

If not recognized, unknown plates will be cited like any other person violating campus regulations. Expand the information below to avoid being wrongly ticketed due to the State’s new license plate issuance.

Expand for Steps

The State of Missouri is issuing bicentennial state license plates to residents. All non-specialty and non-personalized license plate holders will receive a new license plate number. When you receive your new plate, you will need to update your parking account in the following steps:

  1. Login to your parking account (
  2. Select “Remove” your vehicle with the Missouri license plate
  3. Add your vehicle back into your account with your new bicentennial Missouri plate

The system will not let you edit the license plate. You must complete the process of removing and adding your vehicle to avoid a citation.