Bicycles on MU Campus

Anyone owning or operating a bicycle on the MU campus is required to observe and obey all signs and control signals applicable to motor vehicles. All Missouri laws and the MU Traffic & Parking Regulations must be followed. In addition, all bicycles owned or operated on the MU campus must be registered with the University of Missouri Police Department. This registration fulfills the City of Columbia ordinance requiring bicycle registration. The property registration form can be found on the MUPD's Forms page.

Bicycles must be parked in or immediately adjacent to bicycle racks. Bicycles may not be parked on lawns, sidewalks, ramps or entrances accessible to persons with disabilities. Bicycles may not be chained to trees, light poles, fences, benches, railings, etc. Bicycles considered to be illegally parked may be ticketed and/or impounded by MUPD. Bicycles may not be taken inside any university building with the exception of university-operated residence hall student rooms.

Bicycles that are considered to be abandoned will be tagged. Tagged bicycles will be removed and impounded no earlier than two weeks after the initial tagging. Removal may include the cutting and removing of any locking devices.


For regulations regarding bicycles, mopeds (under 55cc)skates, skateboards on campus, click here.