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Donations for Citations

What It Is


Donations for Citations is a program run by Parking and Transportation to alleviate monetary stress from students as an alternative to paying for citations, while helping Mizzou students, staff, and faculty who don’t have a stable supply of food. The food donated in this program is given to Tiger Pantry, a resource to provide food assistance for those in need within the University of Missouri community.

Which Tickets Can This Apply To?

Donations for Citations has three types of tickets that qualify for our program:

  • No Permission
  • Expired Meter
  • Permission Doesn’t Apply

How Often Can I Use This?

You can use Donations for Citations up to three times a year with qualifying tickets that individually amount to a $25 maximum.

What Do I Donate?

For each qualifying ticket, you’ll donate 10 (ten) full-sized, non-perishable items. These include: ​

Hygiene Products

  • Soap

  • Deodorant

  • Toothbrushes

  • Toothpaste

  • Shampoo

  • Laundry detergent powder/pods

  • Tampons/Pads

How Do I Use This Program?

Within five days of receiving your citation, drop off the approved items at the Parking and Transportation office, located at Turner Avenue Parking Structure, Level 2. Our staff will help you complete the process and dismiss the appropriate ticket.

I appealed a citation but changed my mind and want to use the program

If a citation is appealed, and the applicant would rather use Donations for Citations, they may visit the Parking and Transportation office within five days of being issued the citation and use Donations for Citations by informing our staff that they’d like to cancel the appeal.

If a citation is appealed and the official decision has been sent in a response email, the decision is official and the applicant will not be eligible to use Donations for Citation regarding that specific ticket.

My citation is the right kind, but the total is more than $25
If you have Excessive Violation Fees, you may use Donations for Citations to compensate the cost of the original citation. E.g., original ticket of $25 plus $25 for Excessive Violation Fees totals $50. The recipient may use Donations for Citations to pay for the original $25 citation, leaving the balance of $25 for Excessive Violations Fees to be payed through another method.