Student Parking Information

In order to reduce the amount of congestion on campus and create a safer environment for pedestrians we will be reducing the number of cars that have access to core campus parking. In order to move towards this vision, we will be offering top floor (not covered) parking at the surface lot rate.


DO NOT create a parking account in the Tiger Park Portal.
WAIT for your Tiger Park account to become active in late summer.  


Please Note: The abbreviations for parking structures have changed. They are listed below.
VAPS = Virginia Ave. Parking Structure; HSPS = Hitt St. Parking Structure; UAPS = University Ave. Parking Structure; TAPS = TAPS = Tiger Ave. Parking Structure; Turner = Turner Ave. Parking Structure; CAPS = Conley Ave. Parking Structure; PS7 = Parking Structure #7



With the implementation of Tiger Park in fall 2016, come big changes to parking at Mizzou: 

- We no longer issue physical permits. (The new virtual permitssion are based on license plates)

- We no longer issue physical parking citations. (Citations are now issued via email)

- All students who park on campus must register their license plate(s) in the Tiger Park Portal. (Portal is not compatible with Chrome or Firefox. Please use Internet Explorer or Safari.) 


Student parking is available in many locations on campus. This includes areas for which student parking permissions are issued as well as many metered parking locations throughout campus.


Students living in residence halls

Students living in residence halls who bring a vehicle to campus must purchase a virtual parking permission through the Tiger Park Portal. The number of parking spaces in proximity to the residence halls is limited. Once an area has been assigned to capacity it will no longer be listed as an option.

Students living off campus

Students living off campus can purchase a parking permission online through the Tiger Park Portal. The number of permit parking spaces in parking lots and garages in the core campus is limited. Once an area has been assigned to capacity it will no longer be listed as an option. 

Students requiring disabled parking

Information regarding parking in disabled spaces can be found on our Accessible Parking page.


For information on the rates for parking permissions click here.


For regulations regarding student parking click here.