Student Parking Information

DO NOT create a visitor parking account in the Tiger Park Portal.
WAIT for your Tiger Park account to become active in late summer.  


Students who need to purchase a virtual parking permission for the remainder of the semester should contact our office via email: to request one.

is correctly registered with MU P&TS.
Log into the Tiger Park portal today!
Missouri license plate holders please note:
MO plates
DO NOT have the letters O or I, even in the case of personalized license plates.
They are numbers 0 and 1 respectively.


With the implementation of Tiger Park in fall 2016, come big changes to parking at Mizzou: 

- We no longer issue physical permits. (The new virtual permitssion are based on license plates)

- We no longer issue physical parking citations. (Citations are now issued via email)

- All students who park on campus must register their license plate(s) in the Tiger Park Portal. (Portal is not compatible with Chrome or Firefox. Please use Internet Explorer or Safari.) 


Student parking is available in many locations on campus. This includes areas for which student parking permissions are issued as well as many metered parking locations throughout campus.


Students requiring disabled parking

Information regarding parking in disabled spaces can be found on our Accessible Parking page.


For information on the rates for parking permissions click here.


For regulations regarding student parking click here.