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Notice to Student & Employees with Disabilities
Effective May 1, 1993, our office will require all applicants for disabled parking to present a state issued disabled tag or proof of a disabled vehicle license. Missouri Department of Revenue charges $2.00 for their tag. Our office will issue a placard to accompany the state-issued tag. The individual will be responsible for the normal University parking fee.
If you do not have a state-authorized tag your physician must complete form MO860-0412. Take the completed form to a Department of Revenue office to acquire the state tag. We will issue a temporary parking permit for a maximum of 2 weeks in order for you to get a tag from the state.
If you already have a state tag
, you need to present to us the form completed by the Department of Revenue showing the tag # was issued to you. Our office will issue a placard to accompany the state-issued tag.
You must properly display both the state-issued tag and University issued placard in your vehicle to avoid ticketing and towing. Vehicles displaying the proper disabled parking identification are authorized to use any disabled parking space on campus; or, if none is open, any regular parking space. Metered spaces occupied by vehicles displaying the proper identification do not require meter payment.


Disabled Student Parking

Students with a permanent disability may contact Disability Center (573/882-4696) to arrange for lift-equppped bus service between resident halls and classroom buildings. Any vehicle parking in a disabled-designated space requires a state-issued disabled tag and a paid University parking permit.

Use of Disabled Parking Spaces

Disabled parking spaces are 11' wide with another 5' "lay-down area" to one side for side-loading vans. The entire 16' space is to be used by only one vehicle. At times, the lay-down area is placed between two spaces and shared. To park a third vehicle in the lay-down area will result in ticketing and towing of the vehicle in violation.


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